Monetize your blockchain idea in less than 30 days

With full unit testing, security audits, and open communication- or your money back


What we do

Have an idea that utilizes blockchain technology?
We provide an end to end solution to create your DApp.

We help businesses like yours build beautiful, user-friendly blockchain apps - no technical knowledge required. We help you go from concept to launch - and get you to monetization in less than 90 days.

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Blockchain Consulting

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Optimised for Growth

We test all of our clients' apps at extreme conditions to ensure that they can withstand high user usage.
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Access to Partner Network

We connect all of our clients with the hope of adding more value than just a service provider.
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Superior Grade Security

With our partner auditing firms and in-house security experience, we put your software through the ringer to ensure QA.
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24/7 Customer Service

We have worldwide teams that can respond at any hour. Your project updates will have complete transparency.

Featured Projects

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NFT Marketplace

A marketplace built in with subgraphs, royalties, a full UI/UX, and can be modified to your specific industry


A decentralized escrow system to protect both parties from fraudulent behavior when transferring digital work
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Looking to build on-chain?

5 ETH + 5% of raise
Milestone based payments
10-20% of raise
depending upon size of the team
5 ETH + 5% of raise
Milestone based payments
10-20% of raise
depending upon size of the team

What our clients have to say

F***ing awesome to work with, brought them broken software, and they fixed/shipped it in less than two weeks.
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Cody Deporter
Unix Systems
They are really trying to make custom software as fast as possible. The communication is second to none!
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John Hopkins
KPS Inc.
They are just awesome to work with. Clear and upfront about the deliverables and they deliver on their word.
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Jack Butcher
Visualize Value

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We build smart contracts at the intersection of DeFi X NFT's

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smart contract development

security audits

minting sites

CrossChain team

solidity + biz

before smart contracts, he helped develop cloud and infra solutions for the DoD through his company, QC Systems

web3 full-stack

frontend + backend dev with 6+ years experience. before smart contract and web3 development, he was an engineering team lead for a web2 tech company