What I wish I had context on before learning Solidity

What to know before you start programming in Solidity

How innovation and debt are correlated

Does debt help innovation?

Storing Non-Native Tokens in a Smart Contract

How to access the balance of your token stored in a token that is not Eth based.

Why our government's failure to address inflation is good

DeFi can help reduce the impact of federal effects on the average consumer. Maybe it can even help reduce consumer debt!

Why the metaverse economy will be bigger than any 'real' one

I mean honestly Kevin, honestly- seriously? Come on.

Analytics in Web3

The blockchain analytics industry is extremely underdeveloped.

DeFi Insurance Protocols

What Does Web3 Enable?

What will happen to Web2 with Web3?

ZK-snarks, rollups, and proofs

A general overview of ZK-snarks, rollups, and proofs.

Smart Contract Design Patterns

A few examples of smart contract designs you can use for multiple deployments.

What costs gas in the EVM?

What executions actually cost gas in the EVM?

WebAssembly Quick Overview

Why do you see the words WebAssembly so often throughout Web3?

Website Requirements for Marketing on Google

Setting up your website for SEO as a non-marketing focused dev.

Building a Subgraph with The Graph

Some points on how The Graph works and how the different pieces work together.

Function visibility in Solidity

What do private, internal, external, public, override, virtual, payable, view, constant, pure, and indexed mean for functions?

Business Taxes in Crypto

How can the US stay relevant in innovation without crypto incentives?

Bytes in Solidity

What makes bytes so useful in Solidity programming? I thought it was simpler stuff.

Encoding vs Hashing vs Encryption

Though similar, these three functions serve different purposes.

What is the point of ERC1155?

Do you need to use 1155 vs 721? This short snippet might help!

How to ACTUALLY make the Hyperledger test-network docs work

How to run through the Hyperledger tutorial without pulling your hair out.

NFT Marketplaces: a new era of digital e-commerce, and why they aren’t a tulip asset

NFT marketplaces: the new ecommerce.

Gas Limits vs Gas Prices

Gas limits * gas price is the cost of the transaction

When to use memory vs storage in Solidity

There are three places that you can store information in the EVM- storage, memory, and the call-stack.