Why the metaverse economy will be bigger than any 'real' one

A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The hype around NFT's and crypto has generally been labeled as hype, a quick cash-grab, and people with cash to spend and speculate due to government handouts.

While this does hold merit, because of the scams and pump and dumps, logically it makes sense that this will be bigger than most 'normal' industries.

Payments are the oxygen of our society, with the internet serving as the brain. It's no coincidence that the largest companies in the world (and chains) mirror this.

Here are some comparisons:

  • A billboard in the normal world can get at peak a few hundred thousand eyes on it a day, meaning that it is prime real estate. What if that number was 150 million, the number of daily players of Fortnite. How valuable would that piece of memory be if there were that many people watching?
  • Every interaction is a transaction- whether it be information, payment, or product, economies are built on transactions. If you reduce the friction in transacting, you increase the usability dramatically. The blockchain ecosystem is onboarding users at internet speed, but internationally- not domestically in the US.
  • The gaming industry is small relative to the other industries- what happens when gaming becomes the storefront for consumer spending? Like Ferrari, instead of making an advertisement of their new 296, they just drop a 3d version of it into Fortnite. That's millions of people that now want the car.

The digital universe is just that- digital, not real.

True, but what even is real? Belief? Something you can observe and touch?

With $2T already wrapped up in smart contracts, NFT's, and centralized crypto exchanges, there is still an extreme amount of room for growth. Considering finance touches every aspect of every industry, and now everyone with an internet connection and device can participate, it's no wonder the space grows thousands of percents per year.

As shoppers seek more experiences for buying non-essentials (like Amazon), they are going to seek status symbols in new areas (for instance NFT profile pictures). The math itself makes sense- number of people with an internet connection x ease of money flow x people participating in the same marketplace that is borderless.

I mean honestly Kevin, honestly- seriously? Come on.

So, how can you prepare your brand?

If I ran an e-commerce store that sold anything non-essential, and what one would deem luxurious, I would be jumping on this. To get branded in front of the eyes of millions per day by coding up a few items in a 3D rendering engine is insane. The potential output for so little input has literally never been higher!

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